Yawgoog Road

Posted By on February 21, 2013

Yawgoog Road

2.98 miles   2.8 mph

the dh and i did just a quick hit of road-walking today. the boy scouts plowed their dirt roads, but the easy walking ran out once we hit the state line, and it was packed snow and ice. glad i wore my yak-trax. i at least managed to get a 3-miler in, though.

the state line marker in snow

the state line marker in snow

here is a shot of the state line marker. this is where the snow begins. or ends, i guess, depending on your perspective.

walking "with" the dh

walking “with” the dh

and this is what happens when i go out walking “with” my husband. he’s either ahead of me or waaaaay ahead of me. i’m walking with tunes next time, just for the company.



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