Zealand Trail, White Mountains National Forest

Posted By on November 9, 2012

Zealand Trail, White Mountains National Forest

5.6 miles   ★★★★★

hi, all, i’m back again to my usual posting schedule. between “superstorm” sandy, the follow-up nor’easter, and my trip to new hampshire, i realize it’s been a while.

this hike was amazing. although there was no snow in the lowlands, i was shocked, shocked i tell you, to find snow and ice on the trail. this was very intimidating because i have never hiked on snow and ice before. one of my friends lent me some “crampons” for enhanced traction. they mostly worked, until i stepped on sheer ice in the middle of a stream, slipped off, and got my feet wet. but because i was wearing water resistant hiking boots, and thick merino wool socks over thinner synthetic socks, no harm done. the view from the zealand hut was pretty spectacular, and very much worth the trip, but some of the prettiest scenery was along the trail.

snow on viburnum buds

the viburnum buds were quite lovely, and apparently unharmed by their snow covering.

high creek

this trail followed a long ridge in the presidential range of the white mountains. this shot is from a bridge crossing a stream.

dueling cameras

this is me taking a picture of my friend taking a picture of me taking a picture.

finally, here is a panorama shot from the porch of the amc’s zealand trail hut. i took this sitting down eating my lunch. the last stretch of the hike before the hut is a KILLER.

this page on hike-newengland.com gives a pretty good overview of the trail, and how to reach it.


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